What to do before getting a tattoo?

Written by on June 30, 2020

A tattoo is by far the most permanent thing you can get on your body. Piercings which almost come close to it can get blocked and appear like it never happened, but not tattoos. Most people that have regretted getting a tattoo have then had to get another tattoo drawn over the old one or gone to drastic measures such as getting laser surgery which is ten times more painful and expensive.

What are basic steps to take before getting a tattoo;

  • 1.      Think hard and long about it. Take a long time to ponder on the tattoo you want to get. Research on the full meaning of the tattoo and be at peace with of it. Ensure what it means resonates with you completely now and fifty years from now because its meaning will never change even when you do.
  • 2.    Pick exactly where you want to put the tattoo. Where you put the tattoo determines having it there for the rest of your life. Some people want to put the tattoo in visible places and others want to put it in a place that only they can see. Which type of person are you?
  • 3.     If you decide to go ahead with it, research on good tattoo artists. If it’s a design that has been done before, ask the person with it for a recommendation. Visit the tattoo artist for a consultation beforehand to ensure he understands fully the design you want.
  • 4.     Once you have made your decision, set a date and time and go for it! Don’t overthink or procrastinate because you will end up not doing it.

Once you have a tattoo you’re officially part of the tattoo family! Be proud and embrace it.



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