Written by on March 19, 2020

With most places closed, especially the gym, that doesn’t mean you stop your daily workout routine. In case you’re unable to go to the gym for various reasons such, here are a few exercises you can do at the comfort of your home.

Jump rope: All you need a spacious room and a jumping rope. This is equivalent to the cardio you could have done in the gym.


If you have stairs in your house/apartment try Stair stepping; This is great exercise for your heart and quads that will aid to keep you healthy. If you don’t have any stairs you can is a great exercise to do in your home, even if you don’t have a set of stairs available you can use a stack of books to step up and down on it also works magic.


Planks and push ups can also be done on a mat anywhere in the house. This helps build your core and arm muscles. These can be done while listening to music in the house. Tune in to NRG radio and enjoy good music and conversation as you work out

You can do squats as you watch your favorite show.. This will keep your mind occupied and your body modified 🙂 Lunges are another form of exercise that can be done across the hallway of your house. Time yourself to ensure you don’t over do them because it may seem like a minor exercise but it could keep your legs burning the next day.

Cleaning your house is also another form of exercise. You might be unable to go out on a run or for a bike ride but thoroughly cleaning your house will also ensure that you work up a sweat.


Go on youtube and search home workouts. You will find a lot of channels that will direct you and at times have a fitness instructor to motivate you because sometimes we all need that push to keep exercising.

Have a productive quarantine season. Keep safe and clean.

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