Written by on May 31, 2018

We often feel that the men in society have not learnt how to properly take care of a woman’s emotional needs. Some people also claim that it is the women who do not know how to respond to romantic gestures. They claiming that the Kenyan woman prefers a bunch of kale to a bouquet of flowers (not my words). Well, this just means they would much rather be fed, than receive something that is only used and displayed in weddings and funerals. However, the young people are certainly debunking this theory and leading the charge on the romantic front.

Alex is a 23 year old graduate who has dated the same girl for three years (Go Alex!). He claims that he has achieved this by ensuring that he listens to his Girlfriends vocal and silent needs and caters to them accordingly to the best of his ability. Crazily enough, he has learnt this through social media. He was inspired by videos of men displaying chivalry in ways he had never seen his elders do before. He applied some of the new techniques he had viewed, won over the heart of his girlfriend and uses them to date to sustain their relationship. He wants to go the whole way but understands the challenges that come with sustaining relationships in this day and age where people are in a constant chase for the newest best thing.

Alex did not learn how to cater to his girlfriend’s needs solely from the father figures in his life and this is behaviour that has been adopted by several youth of both genders. They constantly seek new ways of making their partners happy while still ensuring that they uphold some of the positive teachings that they receive from their elders. When they find a good thing, they ensure they have treated them well. Is this set to continue into their later years? Time will certainly tell.


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