Billboard 200 Chart Now To Factor In YouTube Plays

Written by on December 17, 2019

Looks like the changes on the Billboard charts are far from over. As far as sales are in regard, there has been major developments that have seen calculations that culminate into sale profiles stretch further and further from the old methods-ala the ‘only pure sales’-esque way of doing this.


The latest trend entails YouTube;such will now be counted as part of the streams that and general numbers that collectively make up the Billboard 200 albums chart. This will apparently also factor in streams from Apple,Spotify,Tidal and such other services. Counting these YouTube plays comes exactly 5 years after audio streams were officially facored in in 2014. These numbers will also have an effect on other Billboard charts,like the RnB and HipHop charts.


Worth noting,only official licensed video content uploaded by or on behalf of the right holders will be viable to be counted for the Billboard 200 and other charts. This will be effective January 18,2020.




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