Safari rally is a legendary event! But did you know that only 11 out of 70 cars manage to finish the rally? Well, Kenya is delighted to host the sixth round of the 2022 World Rally Championship (WRC) – Safari Rally Kenya slated for the 23rd June 2022 – 26th June 2022

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With the Kenyan roads expect the unexpected! Deep, dusty, potholes, soaky sandy and slippery muddy transforming conditions within an instant. Which is the Spice of WRC!

The epic edition of NRG Turn_Up_Vasha is back with a bang and everyone is excited to party in the NRG style! Aside from the excitement of WRC, NRG’s finest DJs ( DJ Twinnizle,DJ Grauchi, DJ Pinye, Double trouble and Baba dede) will be keeping the dance floor ablaze. There will be epic live performances by famous artists, such as Sauti Sol, Mejja, Wakadinali, Chris Kaiga, Ssaru.

Why Toyota Competes In The WRC

The real world is full of vastly different roads, from rough, uneven, unpaved roads, to smoothly paved mountain roads, to roads with icy patches hidden under new-fallen snow. Well, learning about them is essential to Developing Top Quality Cars. 

Major Reasons Why Toyota decided to take on the WRC:

  • To achieve their goal of Manufacturing Ever-Better Cars.
  • To train people in extreme conditions. 
  • Developed technologies at a high level. 
  • Use the knowledge and experience gained as feedback in the development of new production vehicles. 

“I Am really looking forward to going back to Kenya honestly. I was at the event last year and I had an amazing experience! WRC in Kenya has always been an incredible experience for the past 30 years and I am looking forward to going back to it again.” Said, Craig Breen

“Rally is all about new adventures but in Kenya it was a whole different new experience for me! You know the location, the scenery, the wildcats, everything was new and felt a bit strange in the beginning. But despite the challenges and the roughness we managed to have good fun and I personally enjoyed the rally.” Said Thierry Niuvile

Kenya is said to have the roughest and challenging rally recorded in the WRC Calendar. A little rain can result in muddy roads hence making the rally even more challenging, for example, last year (2021). 

Most rallies end with a Special Stage, called the “Power Stage,” where the top five contestants earn bonus points. The awards ceremony follows the Power Stage.

Whatever the weather WRC Safari rally 2022 promises to be better and bigger this year!

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